Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How to comment in MS Word

Today we will discuss about a very easy and beautiful tool of MS-WORD. That is commenting in Microsoft Word.

To comment in Microsoft Word 2010 version, select New comment from Review in File menu. Then you will see like this place in red..................

Monday, May 27, 2013

How to close PDF file quickly

Today I am going to discuss about a good way to close PDF file quickly. let us know about this tool. Acrobat reader-9 users

Lai-Fi data transmitter

Hi friends, now I will tell you about a new creation of science. German scientists have developed a new method of fast data transfer. 'Lai - Fi' named this data transfer technology is hundred times faster than current technology ‘Wi – Fi’.

Fran hoper Institute scientists in Berlin said that, they could transfer data by using light emoting Diode or LED,

How to write in address bare quickly

Hi all friends, today we will discuss about a very beautiful tool. That is how to write in address bare. For firefox, you can write quickly website address

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Word files for the Web

Save the text files in Word 2010 for web. For this, Click on File menu and click save as. A new window will be open. Then Select web page from save as type menu. Now give a new name for this file and press Enter in keyboard.

Shortcut for default font in word

you can launch quickly the default font by use shortcut key in word. Open your file and press Ctrl+D. A new window will be open. Now select a font from multiple fonts. Then click OK button to write with your selected font. Stay with us for next tips


Everyone should learn about Computer and technology. Because every work of our country are being by Computer. So try to learn Computer operate. You can learn many things from AL-HERA MULTIMEDIA.

Web page’s screenshots

Screenshot of a web page can be easily collected. To take screenshot open a web page and press ‘Print Screen’ button from keyboard.

Use specified pages in PDF file.

In acrobat Reader 9- a large PDF file that can be used for specific pages. And for this open PDF file and press Ctrl+Shift+N keyboard then enter the required number of pages.

Stop sound on KM player

It is possible to turned off sound on KM player by using the shortcut key when the video or audio play. When video or audio turn on press “O”.

List of site in browser

Internet browser, Firefox, and Internet Explorer store all recently used information in the website. Then to visit that site again or

Sunday, March 10, 2013


The world is moving so faster. And technology is going up day by day. So you have to learn technology correctly. Stay with us. You will learn more about technology.